I just retumbl’d Mike Meginnis’s post about his AWP activity for you and then remembered I no longer have a Tumblr site, it was obliterated in a hail of asteroids, etc., whatever. Anyway, if you’re at AWP, go read thisĀ and then do it. It looks great!

Cover Story

Yesterday I enjoyed this excellent episode of 99% Invisible highlighting the choices made in the creation of striking magazine covers. Most interesting moments: The look at how photography-based covers shocked magazine companies into change The analysis of how retail presentation influences differences in headline placement in US and UK markets The summary of why the […]

I wrote a spec script for hit TV show The X-Files

INT. DARK BASEMENT. NIGHT. A flashlight beam plays over basement storage. A MAN with the flashlight steps into frame, pauses, peers into darkness. MAN: If this is another raccoon– SOMETHING large shuffles in a dark corner. MAN: …Hello? Is someone down here? SOMETHING moves again, this time with more noise. MAN: Who’s there? SOMETHING (from […]