These Are My Funnies #30: Still He Slides

(300 seconds) We’re close on a boy’s face. He’s ecstatic, nearly screaming with joy. His hair whips and water splashes him and we are obviously in a snaking water slide. Washed out color goes dark as we enter a tunnel, then returns. Then another tunnel, then another. This time, when we reemerge into sunlight, the boy […]

These Are My Funnies #29: Did I Waken Thee?

(45 seconds) A room lit poorly by light through shades. A figure visible only by the sheen of his oily skin. He breathes and the telephone handset he holds rings to a connection somewhere far away. These are the only noises. “…hello?” someone says, finally. Someone tired, someone exhausted. “Did I waken thee?” our man […]