These Are My Funnies #26: Mario Kart

(15 seconds) A man and a woman in an intimate restaurant. He wears a tie, she wears a dress. A bottle of wine and a short candle shine between them. “I invented this new game,” the man says. “I call it ‘Mario Kart.’” “I think that’s already a thing.” The man pounds the table. “It’s […]

New These Are My Funnies!

…are coming on Saturdays next month. If you don’t know what I’m talking about: this is a series of Saturday morning cartoons for adults. They may also be transcriptions of Saturday morning cartoons I remember from childhood. I just can’t recall which. You can read the old ones at the Uncanny Valley Magazine blog.

Slam dunk!

I just remembered this story, from These Are My Funnies #22 and #23 at Uncanny Valley‘s blog: A father, mother, and son sit around a modest dinner table. Dishes steam before them. The son, who is maybe eight, spears a pile of meat and raises it, dripping. His face is rapturous. “This pot roast is a […]

Is Artificial Intelligence a Threat?

Angela Chen on preventing unintended doom-by-artificial-intelligence, in The Chronicle: Unrestrained, its power grows by leaps and bounds, until it will do anything to reach its goal: collect paper clips, yes, but also buy paper clips, steal paper clips, perhaps transform all of earth into a paper-clip factory.

I just ate a barn!

Every now and then a product comes along that’s so great I’ll tell you about it. Usually the product is a tiny cookie. In fact, I’ll write about another tiny cookie later this week. Today’s tiny cookie is Annie’s Homegrown’s Bernie’s Farm Animal Cookies. The fact that I typed all that crap out just shows […]

Land of Lincoln

Did you know Illinois’s state slogan? Doesn’t it seem a little goofy? A little backward-looking? I mean, Lincoln was, I guess, great, but does the state really want to be forever married to him? Will a better human never come out of Illinois? And then, if that person does, what will be the process for […]