You weirdo

Last night the Horse Heiress called me out of nowhere for the first time in like a year. Two years? There’s no way of knowing. She asked me to take a 6 downtown for drinks but as you know if you follow me on Twitter, I was on an unexpected vacation. “It’s been so long!” she […]

These Are My Funnies #30: Still He Slides

(300 seconds) We’re close on a boy’s face. He’s ecstatic, nearly screaming with joy. His hair whips and water splashes him and we are obviously in a snaking water slide. Washed out color goes dark as we enter a tunnel, then returns. Then another tunnel, then another. This time, when we reemerge into sunlight, the boy […]

These Are My Funnies #29: Did I Waken Thee?

(45 seconds) A room lit poorly by light through shades. A figure visible only by the sheen of his oily skin. He breathes and the telephone handset he holds rings to a connection somewhere far away. These are the only noises. “…hello?” someone says, finally. Someone tired, someone exhausted. “Did I waken thee?” our man […]

These Are My Funnies #27: Twisted Leather

(90 seconds) “These cows, sir,” a man on TV says. His voice is clear but there is no video. We’re concerned something is wrong with the cable again. “They’re, to put it like our sign says, they’re twisted. They’ve done vile things. But that’s what makes the leather so good. Here, feel this.” The screen […]