The Onyx Skull in BULL

A Feast Afloat in Bound Off

The Fireman in Uncanny Valley

Dean in matchbook

Tell Me How Else We Will Earn $10,000 in Dark Sky Magazine

Ha Ha Ha in Wigleaf

Some others elsewhere


Forty Things are Following You in Otis Nebula

We Were Chased Through the City by a Blonde Woman in Bluestem


Poems with filthy titles in Ampersand Review and PANK

What You Think About in the Room Before the Room Where They Will Anaesthetize You in vis a tergo


Descant 148 in Prick of the Spindle

Monkeybicycle 7 in Prick of the Spindle

Fractured West 1 in Prick of the Spindle


w/ Rumjhum Biswas at Flash Fiction Chronicles

w/ J. Bradley at PANK

Ongoing posts (well, not for a while now)

at the Uncanny Valley Magazine blog

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